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Zebras on the Lookout – Photo

Zebras on the Lookout – Photo


About Photograph:

Zebras are part of the equidae/horse family and born with a unique pattern of stripes; no two coats are the same for each animal. They can grow to size between 3.9 to 4.3 feet at the shoulder and 6.6 to 8.5 feet long with a weight up to 770 pounds. These African equids live among grasslands, savannas, scrub-lands, woodlands, coastal hills and mountains. Zebras’ diet exclusively consists of grass, but sometimes they will settle for shrubs, herbs, twigs, leaves and bark. Female zebras or mares are able to give birth for the first time at three years old and produce one foal every twelve months. Three unknown, interesting facts exist for zebras: They are born with a brown and white coat, have white stripes on a black background, and are impossible to domesticate (due to their unpredictable attitudes and proneness to panic under stress).

About Photographic Moment:

I photographed these beautiful zebras at the Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne of Florida. Initially I spent most of my time on the north end of the zoo where the birds and reptiles lived. After a while, my camera battery diminished to zero power; however, I had another charged one in my car to be fully prepared. The problem was the park was crowded and my car was parked too far away. What can I say? I felt lazy for the task and decided to skip the south end with the mammals. On the way to my vehicle I realized I should just grab the battery and explore the other side. I’m glad I did because of the diversity of spectacular animals.

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