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VA Cape Canaveral National Cemetery – Photo

VA Cape Canaveral National Cemetery – Photo


About this Photo and my Experience

The VA Cape Canaveral National Cemetery is located at Mims/Scottsmore, FL. When I arrived for my photographic session, the staff, family, and friends were conducting two burial ceremonies. I asked the Director if it was appropriate to photograph some of the tombstone areas, which he obliged as long as I excluded any people.

Because the cemetery was still in the early construction phase, it offered few locations with burials, but enough to capture some amazing pictures. I found the perfect spot in a small area, setup my tripod and camera, then took some memorable pictures. It was truly emotional as I prayed to honor our brave military men and women.

VA Cape Canaveral National Cemetery Facts

This new VA Cape Canaveral National Cemetery was constructed in January of 2016. It’s 318 acres and designed for 163,000 burials of our veterans in Brevard and surrounding counties for the next 100 years. The Department of Veterans Affairs purchased the land in July, 2012 for $2.1 million. It’s located about 12 miles north of Titusville where the Kennedy Space Center resides. It is indeed a beautiful, magnificent, and honorable space for our respected veterans.

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