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Great Southern White Butterfly – Photo

Great Southern White Butterfly – Photo


About Photograph:

This male Great Southern White Butterfly has turquoise antennal tips with a wingspan of 1 3/4 inches to 3 inches. They are white with a hint of yellow along with a dark forewing apex. Their habitat includes marshes, coastal beaches and roadsides, mostly in the south part of eastern an central US. They feed on plants in the mustard family, including Spider flowers, cabbages, radish leaves, tansy mustard, and mustard greens. The nectar that attracts them comes from plants like Lantana and Tall Verbena. Females lay clustered eggos on plants like peppergrass, radish, Saltwort, capers and the Spider flower. The average lifespan of males is five says; for females it’s eight to ten days. During their caterpillar stage they are yellowish with dark greenish stripes.

About Photographic:

I discovered this specimen in a butterfly garden at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville, FL. It’s located on the beach road traveling to Playalinda Beach (you can see the Kennedy Space Center launch pads off this road). This photo was actually my arbitrary shot of an insect that was so sporadic and hardly landed. To my surprise, my quick photo shot transpired into a nice picture. I get more “Likes” on this image than most, but don’t know why.

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