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Rhinoceros Head-On – Photo

Rhinoceros Head-On – Photo


About this Photo and my Experience

I photographed this rhinoceros at the Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne of Florida. While waiting for an optimized photo opportunity, I contemplated on the best composition-type for my shot. Suddenly, one of the rhinos leaned its head down for a drink directly in front my position. I said to myself “this is it” meaning that his posture would provide the perfect head-on shot. What better angle would convey the robust facial features of this impressive animal.

Rhinoceros / Rhino Facts

Rhinoceroses are solitary mammals that exist as five species, which include the Black rhino and White rhino in South Africa, as well as the Indian rhino, Sumatran rhino, and Javan rhino in Asia. The most known species, black and white, have two horns and can reach 60 inches at the shoulder. The Black rhino weighs 2000 to 3000 pounds with a hooked lip for plucking food, while the White rhino scales at more than 4000 pounds with a squared lip.

Rhinos lack front teeth and their horns are comprised of keratin, the identical protein found in humans’ hair and fingernails. Other characteristics encompass thick, gray and protective skin, strong hearing and smell, but poor eyesight. During their lives rhinos remain cautious, defensive and alert due to their compromised vision; why it’s believed they anxiously charge anything thought to be a threat.

Dwelling areas include grasslands and open savannas where food is plentiful and ripe. As herbivores, rhinos eat grass, leaves, buds, plants, fruits and berries.

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Credits for Information: awf.orga-z-animals.com


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