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Pondhawk Dragonfly in the Rough – Photo

Pondhawk Dragonfly in the Rough – Photo


About this Photo and my Experience

I took this photo of a Pondhawk dragonfly at the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Trail located on Dairy Road in Titusville, FL. The temperature was 98 degrees with 100% humidity in the air. Also, the trail didn’t offer many trees or natural cover for shade, which made me sweat like a faucet. Additionally, few opportunities existed for a good  photo. Consequently, I decided to search for what I have taken for granted–Pondhawk dragonflies.

During my hike on the trail, I decided to acknowledge this particular Pondhawk dragonfly due to its rich green colors, and the fact it kept following me. Hence, I took the shot and the photo resulted in an extraordinary image.

Pondhawk Dragonfly Facts

The female and juvenile male Pondhawk Dragonflies contain brilliant green colors, but the males transform to blue colors as they reach adulthood. They usually occupy areas with still water and are not afraid to venture off to forests and shrub lands to aggressively protect their claimed territories. They primarily live in the Eastern United states, Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, southern Ontario, and even Costa Rica.

They are called Pondhawks because they are truly the hunting hawk of the insect world. These voracious predators are carnivores with jaws that eat other insects like mosquitoes, moths, butterflies, grasshoppers, other dragonflies, etc. (They don’t harm humans).

The females lay eggs in or near the water then the larvae/nymphs live up to four years under water until adulthood. Then they emerge to the open air, shed their skin, and live as a winged dragonfly for up to only a few months. That’s crazy stuff!

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