Great Southern White Butterfly – Photo

I discovered this Great Southern White butterfly in a butterfly garden at the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge in Titusville, FL. It’s located on the beach roadway traveling to Playalinda Beach with and exhilarating view of Kennedy Space Center. This photo was actually my arbitrary shot of an insect that was so sporadic and hardly [...]

Zebras on the Lookout – Photo

I photographed these beautiful zebras at the Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne of Florida. Initially, I spent most of my time on the north end where the birds and reptiles resided. I was substantially excited to engulf myself in the vast range of photograph opportunities. After a while, my camera battery diminished to zero power; [...]

Rhinoceros Head-On – Photo

I photographed this rhinoceros at the Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne of Florida. While waiting for an optimized photo opportunity, I contemplated on the best composition-type for my shot. Suddenly, one of the rhinos leaned its head down for a drink directly in front my position. I said to myself “this is it” meaning that [...]

Pondhawk Dragonfly in the Rough – Photo

I took this photo of a Pondhawk dragonfly at the Salt Lake Wildlife Management Trail located on Dairy Road in Titusville, FL. The temperature was 98 degrees with 100% humidity in the air. Also, the trail didn’t offer many trees or natural cover for shade, which made me sweat like a faucet. Additionally, few opportunities [...]