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Indian Blanket / Firewheel Flower – Photo

Indian Blanket / Firewheel Flower – Photo


About Photograph:

The Indian Blanket or Firewheel flower blooms from May to August, sometimes much longer based on conditions. The bloom measures 1 to 2 inches across with a red center and a yellow outer band, while the the disk flowers in the center are brownish red. The plant grows up to 2 feet tall with branched, hairy stems and woody base. The Indian Blanket flower prefers well-drained, dry sand and much sun or partial shade with a high tolerance for droughts. It thrives in grasslands, prairies, plains, meadows, open areas, and roadsides where it’s hot and dry. Location of growth includes Mexico and the southern and central United States from Arizona east to Florida and the Carolinas and north as far as Nebraska. This magnificent, beautiful flower attracts butterflies and honeybees, and humans use it for gastroenteritis, skin disorders, sore eyes, and even painful nipples (of nursing mothers). Consult your doctor before applying.

About Photographic Moment:

I captured this photo at the Black Hammock wildlife area located on the beach route to Playalinda Beach in Titusville, FL. It contains many dirt roads provided for visitors to drive throughout the vicinity of plentiful nature. In fact, it’s common to take photographs from the seat of your car. Upon noticing a vast patch of Indian Blanket flowers, I exited my car and spent much time photographing them. This closeup is my best and favorite picture of this color-rich species.

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Credits for Information: wildflower.org


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