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Black Racer Snake – Photo

Cool story: I was sitting in the front patio area behind a long stretch of bushes at my home in Titusville, FL.  Suddenly this Black Racer snake literally leaps for a lizard directly in front of me. I rushed inside my house and grabbed my camera for a shot. When I returned, I startled the [...]

Alligator Stalking – Photo

My photograph of this gator occurred at Black Hammock Wildlife drive off the beach road to Playalinda Beach. My mom was with me who tossed a cracker in the water (prohibited, but hey, I didn’t do it). As the alligator approached the cracker, I snapped the picture. I was thrilled with my photo because all [...]

Cuban Tree Frog- A Bittersweet Photo

I visited the White Sands Buddha center in Scottsmore, FL because I heard that it provides many photographic opportunities. During my walk in the garden my peripheral vision noticed this frog nestled and settled in the depths of a plant/bloom. Despite my closeness for a good photo, it remained calm and still as I acquired [...]

Proud Red-shouldered Hawk – Photo

I discovered and photographed this hawk in my Titusville, FL neighborhood where she lives and produces offspring. Initially, she was in my yard but flew away as I chased her to another home in the area. Because she was standing on a wooden fence, I was able to rest my camera on the fence post [...]

Zebras on the Lookout – Photo

I photographed these beautiful zebras at the Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne of Florida. Initially, I spent most of my time on the north end where the birds and reptiles resided. I was substantially excited to engulf myself in the vast range of photograph opportunities. After a while, my camera battery diminished to zero power; [...]

Rhinoceros Head-On – Photo

I photographed this rhinoceros at the Brevard County Zoo in Melbourne of Florida. While waiting for an optimized photo opportunity, I contemplated on the best composition-type for my shot. Suddenly, one of the rhinos leaned its head down for a drink directly in front my position. I said to myself “this is it” meaning that [...]