Black Racer Snake – Photo

Cool story: I was sitting in the front patio area behind a long stretch of bushes at my home in Titusville, FL.  Suddenly this Black Racer snake literally leaps for a lizard directly in front of me. I rushed inside my house and grabbed my camera for a shot. When I returned, I startled the [...]

Alligator Stalking – Photo

My photograph of this gator occurred at Black Hammock Wildlife drive off the beach road to Playalinda Beach. My mom was with me who tossed a cracker in the water (prohibited, but hey, I didn’t do it). As the alligator approached the cracker, I snapped the picture. I was thrilled with my photo because all [...]

Cuban Tree Frog- A Bittersweet Photo

I visited the White Sands Buddha center in Scottsmore, FL because I heard that it provides many photographic opportunities. During my walk in the garden my peripheral vision noticed this frog nestled and settled in the depths of a plant/bloom. Despite my closeness for a good photo, it remained calm and still as I acquired [...]

Proud Red-shouldered Hawk – Photo

I discovered and photographed this hawk in my Titusville, FL neighborhood where she lives and produces offspring. Initially, she was in my yard but flew away as I chased her to another home in the area. Because she was standing on a wooden fence, I was able to rest my camera on the fence post [...]

Tickseed Flower – Photo

I photographed this Tickseed flower on the¬†Hammock Trail located on the Playalinda Beach Road in Titusville, FL. I couldn’t find much to photograph in the area then discovered the bloom on the side of the trail. When I took the picture, I didn’t think it would be a keeper, but when I arrived home to [...]

Indian Blanket / Firewheel Flower – Photo

I captured this photo at the Black Hammock wildlife area located on the beach route to Playalinda Beach in Titusville, FL. It contains many dirt roads provided for visitors to drive throughout the vicinity of plentiful nature. In fact, it’s common to take photographs from the seat of your car. Upon noticing a vast patch [...]