I captured this rhinoceros while I was on my African Safari trip. Yea right, more like the Brevard Zoo in Melbourne, FL. Initially, I drained all the power of my camera battery because I spent so much time in the area of reptiles and birds. I had another charged battery in the car but was […]
I photographed this alligator at Black Hammock drive trail off Playalinda Beach road in Titusville, FL. My mom was with me and tossed a cracker (which is a big no-no, but oh well) in the water for the gator. Then it started swimming toward it and I snapped the photograph. It turned out pretty cool […]
I took this photograph of a Cuban Tree Frog at “White Sands Buddha” in Scottsmore, FL. It’s a park area dedicated to the Buddha religion with huge statues and a place for Buddhists to perform their practices. I decided to walk and experience the garden then noticed this frog nestled in a plant. Because I like […]
Red-shouldered hawk in my Florida coastal neighborhood. I first discovered him in my own backyard, then followed him as a flew away three or four houses down from my home. The hawk allowed me to approach him close as I rested my camera on the fence post for stability. Overall, it was amazing because he […]
I captured this photo of Tickseed wild flower at Hammock Trail off Playalinda Beach road in Titusville, FL. On this day, I couldn’t find much to photograph that day and quickly took this picture without much enthusiasm. When I launched it on my computer, it revealed itself as a great, beautiful picture that lifted my […]
I snapped this shot of an Indian Blanket (or Firewheel) wildflower at Black Hammock trail off Playalinda Beach Rd in Titusville, FL. The brilliant, lively colors quickly attracted my eyes. They were scattered all over the area and decided this particular one was the best subject for my photograph. This is one my first pictures […]